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Look Twice, Save a Life: Motorcycle Safety Tips

As the weather continues to improve along the East Coast more and more motorcycles are being seen on the roads. Motorcycles are small, fast, and provide no protection for riders. This mode of transportation can cause a lot of stress for the drivers of other vehicles.

Riding a motorcycle is dangerous, even when the rider takes every safety precaution into consideration. Motorcycle safety is the responsibility of the rider and the other drivers on the road. Today, we present you with Look twice, save a life: motorcycle safety tips from the Hunter's Heroes Foundation.

Look Twice, Save a Life

This mantra has been spread for decades when it comes to keeping motorcycle riders safe on the roads of New Jersey and beyond and drivers should live by it. Drivers should always look two or three times for a motorcycle when changing lanes or making a turn. This will help to prevent accidents where drivers did not see the motorcycle, which could have very well been in their blindspot.

Leave Plenty of Room

If you are driving a car, van, SUV, or truck you need to leave plenty of room when pulling up behind a motorcycle in traffic or at a stop sign or traffic light. Tailgating is bad in general but it can be deadly when it involves a motorcycle. Do not travel too close to a motorcycle as you might not be able to stop in time, sending you into the back of the bike and the rider skidding across the road.

When coming to a stop behind a motorcycle you need to leave plenty of room in the event someone slams into you from behind. The buffer zone will prevent you from being pushed into the motorcycle.

For Motorcycle Riders:

Motorcycle riders need to take safety precautions as well and not rely solely on other motorists to keep them safe. Motorcycle riders need to become excellent defensive drivers, learning how to anticipate the movements of other vehicles around them.

Motorcycle riders should also wear reflective apparel during each ride, even in daylight. This apparel will make it easier for other motorists to spot them.

Motorcycle riders should always wear a helmet, even when riding their bike in states that don't require helmet use, such as Pennsylvania.

Motorcycle safety also includes obeying posted speed limits, slowing down when making turns, avoiding lane splitting, not tailgating larger vehicles, putting a buffer between the bike and moving traffic and much more.

Motorcycle riders will be out in force as the weather continues to improve in New Jersey and the Delaware Valley. The Hunter's Heroes Foundation reminds all motorists to look twice, save a life. For more information about our mission, be sure to visit us online.

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