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How to Safely Enjoy an Outdoor Fire This Fall Season

The fall season brings about a lot of change. The temperatures dip, the sky looks different, the air is crisp, the leaves change color and people like to light outdoor fires. It's no fun lighting the outdoor fire pit in the middle of the summer in New Jersey. The air is already too thick from the humidity. But when fall rolls around, it's a different story. Let's take a look at some important safety tips for enjoying an outdoor fire this fall season.

Never Leave Children Unattended

Your children should never be left unattended when you have an outdoor fire lit. It only takes a matter of seconds for one of them to put their hand in the fire or for their clothes to catch fire because they are standing too close to the pit. Make sure they know all about the dangers of fire before you let them sit around and roast marshmallows.

Have Water Close By