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How to Safely Enjoy an Outdoor Fire This Fall Season

The fall season brings about a lot of change. The temperatures dip, the sky looks different, the air is crisp, the leaves change color and people like to light outdoor fires. It's no fun lighting the outdoor fire pit in the middle of the summer in New Jersey. The air is already too thick from the humidity. But when fall rolls around, it's a different story. Let's take a look at some important safety tips for enjoying an outdoor fire this fall season.

Never Leave Children Unattended

Your children should never be left unattended when you have an outdoor fire lit. It only takes a matter of seconds for one of them to put their hand in the fire or for their clothes to catch fire because they are standing too close to the pit. Make sure they know all about the dangers of fire before you let them sit around and roast marshmallows.

Have Water Close By

Make sure you have water close by when a fire is lit this fall season. There needs to be enough water around to put out the fire should it get too large or if it jumps the pit and catches furniture or other items on fire.

No Gasoline or Lighter Fluid

When lighting a fire pit you should only do so using a match or a lighter. Do not use any aides such as gasoline or lighter fluid. This can easily turn into an explosion that engulfs you or anyone else nearby in flames. It will also be more difficult to extinguish the fire at the end of the night.

Never Leave a Fire Unattended

If everyone is leaving the area where you have lit the fire pit you should remain with the fire. A fire should never be left unattended. You never know if the dog will roam towards it, if the children will double back to the area, or if something will cause the fire to spread.

Extinguish the Fire When Done for the Night

If you have decided to call it a night it's never a good idea to let the fire burn itself out while you go inside to bed. This is how embers blow from the fire pit and catch your home or neighboring homes on fire. Be sure to extinguish the fire when you have decided that the night is over. Pour plenty of water on the fire until you see no glow from embers.

The Hunter's Heroes Foundation hopes you enjoy the fall this year in New Jersey and do so safely when lighting an outdoor fire. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about our mission or wish to donate.

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