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Preparation is Key On and Off the Job

Firefighters across the country know how important it is to prepare. Preparation might one day save their lives. Preparation comes in all forms. It can be going over a to-do list at the station for the day, hitting the gym to shed some pounds, eating healthier, reading fire service books, taking classes at the local fire academy and much more. All of this is great for on-the-job preparation, but how should firefighters prepare off the job?

The founder of Hunter's Heroes, Claire Hunter, recently spoke on a November Saturday morning to a group of first responders at the Burlington County Emergency Services Training Center. Claire gave a speech that she wrote not too long ago about the events that led up to and followed her husband's death in November of 2014.

Most of Claire's introduction centers around setting the scene for that fateful night that took Lt. Christopher Hunter from us. She explains that Lt. Hunter ended a 24-hour tour at 8 am the morning of November 14. She tells of what he did that day for her, their children, and their dog. Claire then goes into what happened that night.

One of the most important parts of Claire's speech centers around being prepared. Even though it is not first on the list, its importance is quite high. All firefighters, whether single, married, or married with children, should always be prepared for what the job might throw their way even when off-duty. We are going to provide you with an excerpt from Claire's speech regarding preparation.

Financial Security: Thinking of what to do now is so important, but what's even more important is what do I do when the kids are older and social security runs out for us all? I have not worked in years now as it is. Imagine 13 years from now. Could I get a job if I needed to? Being on Social Security does not mean you can go and work. You can’t make any more than $15,000 a year. Any more than that your social security gets reduced. I had to have a plan.

Life Insurance: Go get it! Do it for your kids. Now that I am a single parent, I had to have that talk again with an agent and be prepared if anything was to ever happen to me. I have 2 children that would survive me and my husband. They needed me to look out for them even when I’m not here, just like Chris did for us.

If you are interested in the mission of the Hunter's Heroes Foundation, please visit our website to learn more about what we do. If you'd like to donate to our cause, please do so using this link. For more information, please fill out the contact us form.

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