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Come See Us at the Firemen's Convention in Wildwood

The annual New Jersey State Firemen's Convention is right around the corner. The weekend is scheduled for September 15-16 in Wildwood. For the third straight year the Hunter's Heroes Foundation will be attending the convention, which was a popular destination for our namesake, Cinnaminson Fire Lt. Christopher Hunter.

At this year's convention we will be raffling off a wheelbarrow of cheer. That's right; a wheelbarrow full of some of the best alcohol out there. We hope to see you in Wildwood and thank you for the support we have received since our inception.

The annual Firemen's Convention in Wildwood is attended by thousands of firefighters from across the state of New Jersey. These brave men and women use the convention as a method to educate themselves in their profession. This is something that Lt. Hunter was fond of even when he wasn't on the job. Lt. Hunter was serious about firefighting and learning as much about the profession as possible. Lt. Hunter would read as many books on the profession as he could find, both while at home and during his shift. Continuing education was an important part of Lt. Hunter's career and he instilled that trait in those who had the opportunity to work with him.

Firefighters visit Wildwood each year to learn from each other, discuss the profession, meet fellow brothers and sisters, and explore some of the latest products and equipment in the industry. It goes without saying that the highlight of the weekend is the parade of firetrucks, which will be held on Saturday, September 16 at 2pm. The parade runs north on New Jersey Avenue from Crocus Avenue to 8th Avenue.

Members of the Cinnaminson Fire Department led the parade at the New Jersey State Firemen's Convention in 2015, just months after the line of duty death of Lt. Hunter. It was a moment that will be forever engrained in our hearts and minds.

Even though this year's parade will be led by a different department, the memory of that day from 2015 will still be fresh in our minds. It is something we here at the Hunter's Heroes Foundation use as motivation when trying to spread the word about health within the fire service. It is our goal to educate and motivate as many people as possible, both in and out of the fire service, about the stresses of the job.

Even though the weekend will never be the same without Lt. Hunter, we honor his spirit by educating fellow firefighters in various areas of the profession. The Hunter's Heroes Foundation would like to thank all those who have donated to our cause in the past and for the continued support.

If you would like to donate to the Hunter's Heroes Foundation, or provide us with a bottle of alcohol for our wheelbarrow of cheer, please contact us using the form on our site. You can also email the foundation at We look forward to seeing you at the 2017 New Jersey State Firemen's Convention in Wildwood.

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