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Tips for a Safe Walk or Run This Summer

As the weather continues to improve along the East Coast more and more people are heading outdoors for a nice walk or run at all times of the day. These excursions can be dangerous, even deadly, if you do not take certain safety precautions. You need to do everything possible to avoid the dangers of cars, animals, predators and other hazards that can derail your exercise routine.

Make Yourself Visible

No matter the time of day you walk or run you need to make yourself visible, especially to motorists. Even if you exercise on a sidewalk it's still possible for a car to wind up hitting you. Wear reflective clothing. If you don't want to wear reflective clothing you can wear bright colored clothing that will get you noticed. When out at night bring a flashlight with you that you can not only use to help you avoid holes or other hazards but also shine on the ground so oncoming vehicles notice you.

Take a Friend

Always go for a run or a walk with a friend. There's no telling when or if you will need help during your excursion. If someone goes with you they will be able to call 911 if you get hurt or if you tragically have a medical incident. Going out alone is never a good idea, not even during the daylight hours. When you have a friend with you the run or walk will be much more enjoyable. You will have someone to challenge you and to speak with the entire time.

Change Your Route

You should always run or walk a different route. If you are on vacation and want to go for a run or a walk you should plan it ahead of time using a map or by checking it out in your car just to be safe. When you use a different route each time you make it harder to become a target. If you run the same route each time you become complacent and might not notice something out of the ordinary.

Always Have an ID

Always have some form of identification on your person when out for a run or walk this summer. Even if you know the route, or are exercising close to home, you need to keep an ID on you. This includes your driver's license and your medical insurance card. You never know if you will need to be transported to the hospital and if you are unconscious these cards can make it much easier on paramedics to notify your family.

Don't Assume Drivers See You

Never assume that drivers see you in the shoulder or in the crosswalk. When you assume you are visible you are putting yourself in unnecessary danger. Make eye contact with motorists and never cross in front of a vehicle unless the vehicle has come to a complete stop.

The Hunter's Heroes Foundation has a goal of educating and motivating not only the emergency services industry but also the public. Contact us today if you'd like to make a donation or learn more about our mission.

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