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Different Ways You Can Volunteer for Your Community

Volunteers are the backbone of every community. Without volunteers many organizations and departments wouldn't be able to operate at the capacity in which they do. For example, if parents simply didn't want to volunteer as coaches, snack stand vendors, apparel coordinators and officials many sports teams wouldn't be able to play. That's just the tip of the volunteer iceberg.

When volunteers come out in force the community benefits in various ways. Not only do residents get to pay less in taxes due to volunteers, they also get to experience different events that might not be held if volunteers didn't make themselves available as part of the staff.

There are plenty of different ways to volunteer your time in our own town of Cinnaminson if you are looking for a way to give back to the community. For starters, the Cinnaminson Fire Department is always looking for volunteers. There are a handful of different membership types: firefighter, EMT, EMR, fire police, and special contributing member. You can also volunteer as a member of the Community Emergency Response Team, CERT, which helps the Tri-Boro during mass casualty incidents, storms, and other ev