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The Importance of Yearly Health Screenings

Yearly health screenings are an important part of life these days. Never before has going to the doctor helped people live longer. There are screenings for just about everything nowadays, including cancer, bone density, vision loss and much more. Visiting with your family physician, or any doctor, each year is an important part of living a healthy life. Routine doctor visits go hand-in-hand with eating right and exercising regularly.

Annual Well Visit

An annual well visit to your physician might save your life one day. There's no telling what could be wrong with your body. There are so many illnesses and diseases that don't have early warning signs. These issues can only be found early using screenings. An annual visit will include a physical, a blood draw, and any other test or screening your doctor feels is right for you at your age. Blood tests can reveal issues with your thyroid levels, cholesterol levels, and signs of diabetes.

You should take advantage of your yearly visits and speak with your doctor openly about any health concerns you might have. This is the perfect time to explore any issues you've been dealing with that worry you. The issues could be related to problems you already have, potential issues that could be developing in your body, or concerns with your family's medical history.

It's also wise to speak with your doctor about your lifestyle habits. Be honest with your doctor about how much alcohol you drink, how much you smoke, how often you exercise, how much time you spend in the sun and the type of diet you have. It might be difficult to hear what the doctor has to say to you about your lifestyle, but it might save your life. Be open and willing to make any changes the doctor suggests so that you can live a long, healthy life by your family's side.


A visit to your doctor on a yearly basis makes getting your immunizations much easier. It's a good idea to get a flu shot each year. The flu shot prepares your immune system for the strains spreading throughout the world in the event that you become infected. Annual immunizations help keep your body healthy and strong.

Dental and Eye Exams

Annual checkups don't just involve seeing your physician. It's also important to visit your dentist and eye doctor each year. These specialists want you to have shiny, healthy teeth and clear eyes. These visits are just as important as those with your physician. When it comes to your eyes, different diseases can affect your eyesight. Appointments with your eye doctor and dentist will also include screenings for various issues. These can include throat cancer, glaucoma, eye cancer, cataracts, periodontal disease and more.

As you can see, annual health screenings are vital to your overall health. Aside from checking cholesterol, eyesight, and chances of developing diabetes, your doctor can also screen you for high blood pressure, skin cancer, colorectal cancer and prostate issues.

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