5th Annual Beef and Beer 2020

(First and hopefully last virtual)

This year the beef and beer will be cancelled due to COVID-19. 

We have no intention of that stopping us from celebrating Chris or helping those in need. 

Starting November 1st, make a donation and your name will be 

placed on the Wheel of Chance. Every Sunday we will announce the item of the week.

Winner will be drawn live on Saturday nights @ 8pm on our facebook page.


Help us honor Chris by helping others. Thank you for continued support.

Lt. Hunter

Hunter's Heroes Foundation was started in memory of Lt. Christopher Hunter. His dedication and urge to better himself and his crew has become the goal of this foundation. Let's educate and motivate first reponders by donating a variety of books to the local libraries.  

Book List

Lt. Hunter's collection of books was well over 60. We chose 25 of the best books to donate in the local libraries. To see the full list of books, click below. 


For more information on donating to our cause, click below for more information.




Due to recent events of 2020, this year's Beef and Beer will be cancelled. Look above for other ways we are celebrating Chris this month.